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We offer three- and four-year-old kindergarten programs. Our stimulating curriculum is constantly evolving and is delivered in accordance with the National Early Years Learning Framework through the National Quality Framework. Activities vary each session and evolve from children’s and community interests.

In each session, children are always offered opportunities to:

  • participate in art and craft
  • enjoy free play
  • take part in group literacy experiences
  • participate in group meetings
  • be involved in movement and music
  • enjoy active physical play
  • spend time in solitary play
  • develop group and individual imaginative play ideas
  • interact with adults and peers

Additional happenings:

  • borrowing a library book (four-year-olds)
  • do yoga and relaxation (four-year-olds)
  • Experience  leadership opportunities which contribute to Self- Esteem
  • have the chance to take home the group mascot, record their adventures together, and later share them with the group

In addition, each group engages in special opportunities, ranging from visiting drama groups to musical entertainment or animal visitors.