Join Us For A Wonderful Event



Time: 7.30pm
Location: QPO Restaurant, 186 High Street, Kew, 3101

Hi JJ’s current and future families,

It’s your final, final, final, final, final call to come and enjoy a fun night of Trivia/Bingo at QPO Restaurant next Friday.

Who’s attending?

Our committee, social team, existing parents, as well as new parents joining JJ’s in 2020 (a great chance to welcome them in).
Also joining us are our wonderful JJ’s teachers and educators!
On this note, you can expect a fabulous night, so don’t sweat it if you can’t make it.
If you do find yourself that Friday wishing you were enjoying mouth-watering food, drinks and an abundance of laughs over some entertainment, then it would be terribly sad to think back that you read this message and decided to do something less memorable instead.
Fear not – boring things tend to be forgotten quite quickly!
Fun and laughter always remain, so if you’re keen there’s no better time – than now – to buy a ticket or two.
(Just make sure you’re not on my team because I’m hopeless at trivia!)
Not up for the full night? Feel free to pop in and say hi or have a quick drink or chat – we’d love to see you anyway!
Secure your place to a great night out via this link: